Shellshock Lullaby EP

by Shellshock Lullaby

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released December 11, 2012

Written by: Russ Nelson, Jon Wareham, and Scot Alexander (the bassist of Dishwalla)
Producer: Tyler Monks
Recorded and mixed at Tyler Monk Productions
Master by Paul Abbott at Zen Mastering
Management: The Cardinal Coalition


all rights reserved



Shellshock Lullaby Butte, Montana

Formed in Butte, Montana September of 2010, "Shellshock Lullaby" is the artistic vision of singer/songwriter Russ Nelson. SSL has finished recording a brand new EP entitled, "Shades of Grey" which features the titles track 'Shades of Grey' and 'I've Walked That Road. Keep your eyes peeled because there is definitely much more to come from this Montana gem.  ... more

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Track Name: Backwards
Woke up early one morning, the past runs thru my mind
all the games, all the stories. Now i'm staying in tonight
wanna break outside right now, i can hardly wait.
had a dream last night about how, it's gotta be fate

Its gotta be fate.

I wanna go backwards in to time, back when this made more sense
Back when we'd do things for no good reason
I wanna go backwards into time, and i must confess
if this ain't what you want then what's the meaning

Damn its really cold outside,I best stay in tonight
just escape inside my mind, and turn off all the lights
maybe I'm just seeing things, i don't know
I wanna see what this means, can't let go

I can't let go
Track Name: Crimson Sky
Outside my window, the world is burning down.
Fiery light burns a hole right threw me.
Can't find the door, i only hear the sound.
Can't say what this means it's nothing to me.

Smiling soft, wait tip tomorrow.
Strangers all around who know
breathing slow you wait to follow.
Just can't seem to let this go.

Open up my eyes and you're the that got away
fading in the crimson sky.
Can't turn my back oh i never got to say
give me one more reason why.

I can't stay no, to who i call my own
The more i learn the less i believe,
and my opinion, burns away alone.
This lucid dream is becoming naive.

Bleed to know you're alive,
same old look in those eyes,
out of place, out of time , out of mind. (2nd time out of our mind)
Track Name: Waiting For A Lie
Waiting for a lie

Even thoough it feels like ecstasy, you and I, go round.

Break the door just to make a scene, what a life, tear it down.

So you say, you need to know.

Why can't we see, this out alone?

You won't believe, who needs to use.

Will you be there tonight?
(waiting for a lie)

Take some time to make this clear to me, share tonight, somehow.

Gotta take me to this place to see, our light, burn out.
Track Name: Who's To Blame
'Who's to Blame'

Don't go i came back to let you know.
I can't believe what i'm told
play out this worn out scenario
its all fake, i just play the role
you do just do what i tell you too
this routine is getting really old
tell me all of your morning blues
even if you don't want to anymore

need to find out what you're waiting for

Say try to explain
in all this darkness
tell me who's to blame
(i wanna know)
how you really feel
don't wanna hear that name
but all the same
(i need to know)

broke down the people you abuse
won't get up just cause you're above
habits you can't seem to lose
do you really think that this is love?
go do whatever it is you do
whisper stories to brake their fragile hearts
offers that you just can not refuse
burning out you're falling apart

not sure if you just fake it
don't know what the smile on your face meant
is there nothing else
Track Name: Different Story
"Different Story"

I wanted to just remind you How many secrets you made me keep

You needed it just to deal with it you wanted out but got in too deep

Now i've got too believe you, you and all of your crazy dreams

this all seems a little obscene but its just the way its got to be

Now I see


lately I see what's going on

You can't go back there cuz there's no one on your side

It seems to me like this could be a different story

You can't go back there cuz there's no one on your side

It seems to me like this could be a different story

You tell me yeah baby, You see how bad I had it

You gotta see how it wasn't me, You know that I could do no wrong

But I'm an idiot so you get me to do all your dirty work

no questions or conditions you're gonna take me for all its worth

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