Shades Of Grey

by Shellshock Lullaby

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The title for Shell Shock Lullaby's new EP (Shades of Grey) was chosen to help describe the plight of current sociological approaches to life and the destruction that duality causes in our everyday lives. People tend to see life as a construct of black and white, this way or that, wrong or right while completely ignoring the entire spectrum of possibility in between those 2 extremes. The songs on this release relate to the emotions that all people feel in between the polar ends of life's emotional spectrum and help to provide solace in the realization that we should embrace everything we feel no matter how "good, bad or indifferent" it may seem to others. The realization that all is one and all is related is a concept that many ignore but it is the basis of our existence.


released May 1, 2014

Lyrics, music, by Russ Nelson and Greg Haberek
Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Hawkes @ Interlace Audio
Artwork by Greg Haberek


all rights reserved



Shellshock Lullaby Butte, Montana

Formed in Butte, Montana September of 2010, "Shellshock Lullaby" is the artistic vision of singer/songwriter Russ Nelson. SSL has finished recording a brand new EP entitled, "Shades of Grey" which features the titles track 'Shades of Grey' and 'I've Walked That Road. Keep your eyes peeled because there is definitely much more to come from this Montana gem.  ... more

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Track Name: Shades Of Grey
'Shades Of Grey'
Been gone now for many years, no more stories no more fears
Misunderstood the lyrics to my song
No unanswered questions here, I’m tired of these games my dear
And your inconsistent sense of right and wrong

Look to another sign and all the shades of grey
No way its never gonna happen
Take minute watch you self destruct and fade away
Everyday you’ll see me laughing

All is lost and all has failed,  impossible to prevail
You got what you had coming
For all these years I had to run, this false sense of bliss is gone
The reoccurring dream’s so numbing

What am I becoming, faster I keep running
Tired of blood shot eyes. It all ends tonight
Waiting for disaster, vision blurring faster
I can’t be more clear, I will leave you here
I will leave you here
Track Name: I've Walked That Road (Feat. Greg Haberek)
“I’ve Walked That Road”

Pull me close. Do you remember all that we said that night?
Its not on you its all on me, your body meshes perfectly in the sand tonight.
But no we can't, no we can't have it all..

Watch it all just wash away

Cuz I walked that road too many times before you know i’m right
Time and again you say were only friends this times goodbye.

How many times will you deceive me. How times did you say,
“You’re broken dreams your fantasies…They don’t mean jack shit too me
and in reality, no you can’t…no you can’t have it all.”

Now we see it all and every time we held our tongues.
It doesn’t feel right. Give it up.
When will I learn?
Track Name: All I Need
'All I Need'

Dry your eyes. this conversations over. you were right its... time we decide.

and all I need is someone who will care, someone who is there and will fight for this..
all I need is someone who is real someone who believes in what I can give..

and why am i the one to take this lightly? You’re the one who let him stay the night..
you look at me with such confusion, like I would never know.. like I would not find out.. tonight we see the truth.
Track Name: The Look In Your Eyes (Feat. Greg Haberek)
“The Look In Your Eyes”

Always lost and lonely.
You're on the verge of letting go.
Creating more disaster.
Self-destruction’s all you know.

You simply make your compromise, then you fill you head with lies.
Regret consumes you time feels slow. I only know.

I see the look that's in your eyes.
You let the child inside you die.
What's the difference you'll never know.
One by one they drop like flies,
with one last breath they finalize.
Now they're dead in the snow

Your finger's on the trigger.
The safety's on inside your mind.
You're sure to drink the poison.
You fall in every hole you find.
Track Name: The Way We Should Be
“The Way We Should Be”

I know I repeat myself too many times but finally it all came true.
And for once in my life I can see past tomorrow and I know I will be next you

You gave me every good reason, I needed to take things this far.
You changed me and my life forever just being the way that you are
The way we should be

You're the final addiction that I'll ever have and allow to take over my mind.
In all the years I've thrown away listening for lies, I've found what we all hope to find

Can't take back words or take back time but I'm here right now to take what's mine
Never hit as hard as I've hit the floor, but you pick me up to fight some more

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